FEVISA originated through the industrially inclined ALVAREZ family. The establishment was founded in 1920 by Mr. Avellino Alvarez Prieto in the Industrial Area of Asturias, Spain. It was intended to principally serve as an industrial machining, fabrication & maintenance services company with a captive foundry. In due course, the management decided to venture into Industrial Valves and with the collaboration and technical support of Spanish and French Valve experts the brand FEVISA (Franco Espanola de Valvulas Industriales SA) was created. FEVISA brought within its professional ambit 

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The quality process encompasses the creation, production, machining, assembly, marketing, shipping, warranty and post-sale phases. All our valves comply with the most demanding regulations.

When the client contacts ARFLU, a salesperson is assigned to answer all the doubts and once the purchase is made, ARFLU has an after-sales service, purchase guarantee and professional advice.